Slow Dance in the Cosmos

by Porches

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recorded, engineered, and produced by Hunter Davidsohn
at the Business District. Johnson City, NY

mixing and additional engineering by Christopher Daly
at Salvation Recording Studios. New Paltz, NY

PORCHES. is : Ronnie Mystery, Kfilth Filtherson, Seiya Jewell, Frankie C, and Cameron "shambles" Wisch

thank you to everyone who has helped make this record happen!


released August 27, 2013


all rights reserved



Porches New York, New York

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Track Name: Headsgiving
i give you head
before you head
to therapy

we share a bed
just like the french
just like true parents

what do you do when you wanted to die?
then you wake up and you don't wanna die anymore
it has happened before

she was just 17
you don't know what i mean
so call the police

and in her eyes
i wanna die
before i die the sad kind

what do you do when you wanted to die?
then you wake up and you don't wanna a die anymore
it has happened before
Track Name: Jesus Universe
i think that i have received
power from a nameless seed
fertile and deep
to look at the sad i keep

kills me like my cigarettes
how pure and deeply upset
my momma gets

well i'm idiot offspring
here is my sad offering
and though i'll never know how to sing
i promise to stay glittery

jesus holds the universe
inside his wife's fancy purse
it must of been a deal
yea surley a godly steal

hark! a golden turnip lays
and i have too fancy a taste
just put me in place
and wipe the delusion off my face

and i know it's insane to complain
have you seen the front page
of the times today
it is pornography at its most godly
it is murdering, it is flirting,
with the worlds idiot offspring
Track Name: Skinny Trees
she is skinny like the trees
the air looks good around her body
and i'm a new york city slug

franklin falls upon a falling leaf
and it's all behaving so beautifully
and i'm a new york city slug
Track Name: Xanny Bar
i couldn't help from noticing you across the bar
hello i'm ronnie, and i'm falling apart
do ya want me bad?
like i want you?

you said "i'm edith and i've always been a mess"
well nice to meet you maybe we'll undress
but we could just lie down
we both could use the rest

so i hold on
to dim wit cigarette
and i take a deep breath
cuz i know you can't

i felt a greatness when i layed within your grassy realm
crawled across the floor to a patched up helm
your hips the balmy swell
in porno hell

and i said "hey would you wanna join the loner metal band"
and you said "maybe we could just hold hands"
well if thats the only place they'd land
i'd die a happy boy
Track Name: Intimate
Aaron Maine- Vocals, Synth, Bass
Greta Kline- Vocals, Lyrics
Cameron Wisch- Spaghetti Drums
Track Name: Franklin the Flirt
on top my perch
in the mirth i saw science
and i saw birth, swimming quite awkward

but mostly what i saw
was a home that she would call
"beneath her shirt"
what i've learned
beneath the earth what i've learned

aw franklin the flirt
i understand the hurt
that you would speak about
before you had me all figured out

all the beauty kids
in the ugly parts of town
and in the good parts we get ugly and lie down

the purple eyelids sag
there are diamonds in the weed sack
and love's a purple drag i always go back

Track Name: Fog Dog
today i was good at the city
today i made some money
see mommy?

today i kissed a real beauty
she was a painting she was glowing
she was santa fe and roughed up copper
a real wrist-knocker

a teenager next to an ash tray
under a grand piano they laid
and nostrils flared as they misbehaved

david he played us a silent fugue
ears stuffed with flowers while joejoe cruised
and duncan stirred though nothing was heard

and i thought i saw your face in the fog
but it was just the fog
o m g

the fruits were all cold, the fruits were all cold
and swelling
they put a hard face to soft sleep
o daddy
i'm 23(17)
well aren't all we
Track Name: After Glow
i take the train alone
takes me to a strange town
i pass the funeral home
some things are certain

the river was so cold and strong
the water licked the track toes
no more of that rotten glow

watch the mermaid sea-bitch queen
watch all of your friends leave
no more of that rotten glow
no more of that rotten glow
Track Name: Permanent Loan
how come i never see it coming?
i am the meat on the fruit pit clinging
flung into a black black moon

the motions are splitting
the motions are sharp
the motions go through me
so ruthless and stark
watch the tree grow simply

i have it easy
but i miss my home
i have it easy
i have no real home
i am on permanent loan
Track Name: The Cosmos
pay no attention
while i'm getting
spaced out

if you can spell it
well you can do it
spell it with me

we all die
we all die
but not i
i don't live here
i live in the cosmos

when you stay up late
in retrograde
watch the loners
gracefully get laid

across the couch
couple friends sprawlin out
and we don't touch much
like spiritual make out


i wanna go dancing in the public eye

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